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UPLEAFS is a premium line of hemp extract products containing cannabinol (CBD) and other beneficial compounds offered in different variations and applications to fit the needs of people and pets that demand quality ingredients, want clarity in product information, and want to enjoy the numerous benefits found in the cannabis sativa, hemp strain plant.

From the busy professional, stressed-out homemaker, fatigued athlete, aging population, and ailing pet; UPLEAFS has created several collections to fit individual preferences while upholding a higher standard in a market that has quickly grown without any specific guidelines to help consumers that may not be well versed in the world of cannabis.

We are transparent, believe in quality, and the power of positivity, and generosity. Our name starts with “UP” for a reason. It is the combination of a healthy mind and body that can transform a person to evolve into the best version of themselves. UPLEAFS aims to be a trusted source in this vast and confusing marketplace to help people and their loving pets achieve a better quality of life. 

Born in the Desert

UPLEAFS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; a tourist destination with one of the largest dispensaries in the world. Though the outdoor soil and climate in Southern Nevada is challenging for growing quality, outdoor industrial hemp, there has been a large growth in Las Vegas of indoor growing operations and with hemp product manufacturing.  UPLEAFS has established remarkable partnerships with specific farms, extractors, and manufacturers from other regions in the United States to create the products we stand behind.  All of our products include details on the type of extract, source, and additional quality information to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Our Founders Story

The belief to create a company that sets a higher standard and provides proven quality in all stages from seed to finished product originates from the beliefs of our founder and CEO, Kimberly Zimmerman.  Kimberly’s discovery with the benefits of cannabis in different forms helped propel her passion to launch Upleafs. As a current bodybuilder in the NPC figure division and former powerlifter athlete, hemp extract products have become one arsenal in her health routine that she strongly believes in and feels passionate about sharing to everyone. Besides creating a premium line of hemp extract products, she is passionate about maintaining a positive company culture by establishing programs that are beneficial to everyone involved with Upleafs growth. These programs are currently under development and will be released by 3rd Quarter, 2021. More information will be posted on this site as soon as it becomes available.

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6 reviews

I love the gummies, they taste good and are so convenient, I eat a couple of them a couple times a day.

1st Time CBD User

I was skeptical about using CBD products until I saw the way my friends very old dog was able to walk up the stairs without pain after using it for only a couple of days, I’ve noticed that I sleep better and I seem to be recovering better from workouts.

Better Sleep

Started using 2 months ago before bed to see if it would help with sleep. Doing so much better, sleeping thru the night now. Highly recommend.

Love this Rub! Really Works!!

I’m a very active individual and deal with muscle aches and pains on a regular basis. I have tried many different rubs in the past and Upleafs has been the best by far! The balm is non-greasy and the scent is enough to be soothing yet not over-powering. But the number one reason for the 5 Stars is that it really works! Should be 10 Stars! I have found true relief with this product and I also like that you know exactly what you are getting. Other rubs I have tried don’t list their CBD content and are hit and miss when it comes to results.

Like the softgels for my trips

Love these softgels to take on my travel and put in my pill box. I will be buying more! The dosage works perfect for me. I take one pill in the morning and one at night instead of one serving together.