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General FAQs


What is Hemp Extract?

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Are you familiar with vanilla extract for baking and cooking? That potent solution in a tiny bottle is created by macerating and filtering vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water. Like vanilla, hemp plants undergo a process to remove its beneficial compounds and chemicals into a form that can be utilized for consumption or in topical products. The result is hemp extract, which contains the popular compound cannabinol (CBD). 

What is the difference between hemp extract and CBD?

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CBD comes from Hemp Extract, but Hemp Extract may not necessarily contain CBD.  How brands label their products may differ, so we can only answer this question as it pertains to UPLEAFS products. Our Hemp Extracts contain CBD and other beneficial compounds, so we chose not to label our products as just “CBD”. However, we do offer hemp-derived CBD from our Wellness CBD collection which contains the single CBD compound only for those that prefer a targeted effect.

Will I get "high" from hemp extract?

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All hemp extracts or hemp infused products from UPLEAFS are crafted from legal hemp plants harvested and tested with a THC level of 0.3% or lower. Our Wellness and some Pets products are made with full spectrum (whole plant) extract, which contains traces of THC, up to 0.3%. This amount will not cause any type of psychoactive or “high” effect.

If you have any concerns with consuming a product that has traces of THC, we recommend trying our Wellness Free or Wellness CBD collection of products. These products undergo additional processing to remove the THC.

What is the "Entourage Effect"?

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The entourage effect describes the collaborative impact when all compounds in the hemp plant are consumed together. This includes all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. It is a “team effort”. The entourage effect typically applies to Full Spectrum (whole hemp plant) extracts because there is no removal of compounds or chemicals.

Even with a Broad Spectrum extract, where the THC is removed or modified, you still receive the entourage effect, but with a slightly different effect since there are benefits with THC. It is when you start to remove several compounds and chemicals that you begin losing that entourage effect, as such with a CBD Isolate. Isolated compounds are beneficial for obtaining targeted effects.

Here's an analogy that might help you understand the Entourage Effect:

BEST - Choir (a group of harmonious singers) – Full Spectrum (or Broad Spectrum) – Provides the entourage effect.

BETTER - Singer with two backup singers– Example: CBD+CBN+Limonene (a specific mix of compounds and terpene) – Provides a combination of benefits, but does not provide the entourage effect

GOOD - Solo singer – Example: CBD– Does not provide an entourage effect.


Why do you refer to your products as Hemp Extract and not "CBD"?

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Many of our products are made from Full Spectrum or whole-plant hemp extract, though we do include a collection for Broad Spectrum and Isolate (CBD only). Because our full spectrum and broad-spectrum products contain additional cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids, we felt that referring to our products as just “CBD” would not truly represent the power of the hemp plant.

Which product is best for me?

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Our products all differ in delivery method, strength, flavor, consistency, and smell. Picking a specific product comes down to your own preference as well as your level of experience with hemp products containing CBD. For consumption, we suggest beginners use a lower dosage of CBD and in the oil drop form. This allows for flexibility in the dosage amount. Topicals are also a great addition for external targeted relief with less concern and risk of side effects. All UPLEAFS products provide specific details on its product web page, but if you are still unsure of what to select, please reach out to our customer service for additional assistance.

Where can I find UPLEAFS products?

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UPLEAFS is only sold directly online. This helps us stay competitively priced and allows us to obtain direct feedback as we work on developing new products. We do plan to extend our reach soon with exciting opportunities for retail stores, influencers, and other sales outlets.

Where can I find information on your product testing?

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All third-party lab reports can be found under the specific product web page. See the tab labeled, “Lab Tests” for additional details.


What are the policies for Orders, Shipping, and Returns?

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Specific detail on questions regarding orders & shipping (changes, cancellations, timelines, etc.) can be found under the HELP menu at the top of the web page under Order & Shipping.

For product Returns, our Quality Guarantee Policy can be found under the same HELP menu.

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

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We are not offering a wholesale program at the current time.

Please check back for updates.

Do you offer local pick-up or delivery?

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All products are shipped regardless of the purchaser's location. We do have a physical location, but do not allow for pick-ups or deliveries due to safety concerns and restrictions.


Are Hemp products legal?

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Hemp derived extracts containing CBD have been federally legal since 2018. Most states do not have restrictions, but there are a handful that do have specific guidelines on what forms CBD can be sold in (i.e., some states do not allow CBD in food or beverages). It is best to inquire with your state regulators for the latest laws regarding CBD purchase and consumption.

Where can I find information on State and Federal regulations?

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Federal information can be found on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website.

Here are some links with helpful information regarding CBD:

For State information, please visit the State’s official website for current information. There are sites that provide information, but again, please inquire with the state or local jurisdiction for current data.

Here are some sites you may find helpful:

Leafly.(Article) -

Weedmaps(CBD 101) -

If hemp extract or CBD is safe, why do I see so many warnings?

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Like with most wellness or health focused products that are consumed or applied to skin, you will see a warning label since there is always a potential risk that you or your pet may have a reaction. Hemp derived CBD it is not classified as a “supplement” or regulated by the FDA, though it is legal to use. We do believe that premium, tested hemp extract is safe based off the growing number of consumers and feedback from the general community of hemp consumers.


We believe in the safety and quality of our products, so we share as much data as possible about our sources and methods. We also urge consumers to conduct research and speak with a doctor or veterinarian (for pets) before use. Additional information about us and our hemp can be found under the Learn navigation menu.

We believe in the safety and quality of our products, so we share as much data as possible about our sources and methods. Additional information about us and our hemp can be found under the Learn navigation menu.

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6 reviews

I love the gummies, they taste good and are so convenient, I eat a couple of them a couple times a day.

1st Time CBD User

I was skeptical about using CBD products until I saw the way my friends very old dog was able to walk up the stairs without pain after using it for only a couple of days, I’ve noticed that I sleep better and I seem to be recovering better from workouts.

Better Sleep

Started using 2 months ago before bed to see if it would help with sleep. Doing so much better, sleeping thru the night now. Highly recommend.

Love this Rub! Really Works!!

I’m a very active individual and deal with muscle aches and pains on a regular basis. I have tried many different rubs in the past and Upleafs has been the best by far! The balm is non-greasy and the scent is enough to be soothing yet not over-powering. But the number one reason for the 5 Stars is that it really works! Should be 10 Stars! I have found true relief with this product and I also like that you know exactly what you are getting. Other rubs I have tried don’t list their CBD content and are hit and miss when it comes to results.

Like the softgels for my trips

Love these softgels to take on my travel and put in my pill box. I will be buying more! The dosage works perfect for me. I take one pill in the morning and one at night instead of one serving together.